Snyder's United Methodist Church

“THE WALL” in the Sunday School Classroom DRAWING and PAINTING A pair of Animals – your choice A Bible Story – your choice
WHERE: Snyder’s United Methodist Church
WHEN: Saturday,  July 9, 2022 Saturday, July 16, 2022 (may not be needed to finish the project)
TIME: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm with a LUNCH provided
DRESS: Wear old clothes you don’t mind getting paint on. Some of you were with us at the beginning of this venture, and we want you and all the children of Snyder’s to help us finish “The Books of the Bible Wall Project”.
Linda Morrow’s Ark is ready for animals! Think about an animal you would like to see on the Ark. Remember, they came in pairs so you may draw 2. You may draw your picture ahead of time; then, you can trace it on the wall and paint it when you arrive. The animals have to be small, about 2 inches in height. We ask each of you to look up a favorite Bible Story you would like to draw, or you may pick from a list we will have ready. Each story will be painted on a cinder block that measures 15 X 7 inches. Choose a story Draw it on a sheet of paper Trace on the wall Paint the story on the wall Each Block is to contain: We need adult volunteers to help the children. Also, we are asking parents to stay to help and join our celebration.
Please RSVP Linda Pipp at 717-350-2287 (call or text) by Tuesday, June 21st Sincerely, Linda Pipp and Linda Morrow