Dear Snyder's Church Family,
Thank-you for being with us last Sunday as we began our "baby steps" of re-opening. Everything went well. We invite you and others to join us this Sunday.
Our Sanctuary has been sanitized, we have masks, hand sanitizer and observe social distancing not only in the Sanctuary, but in the two classrooms upstairs and the social hall where TV screens are available for those who desire such location.
Our Service will be forty-five minutes in length, and will include a video of special music, the children's moment and prayer time shared by Jeff and the sermon that I will preach from Matthew 11: 16 - 19 and 25 - 30.
I am hopeful that we can welcome you with us on this Holiday week-end. Families are encouraged to sit together, others can use the social distancing. The children will remain with their families for the children's moment.
Have you heard about the farmer who went to a government bureaucrat specializing in animal health? The farmer sought help from the "expert" because ten of his chickens had suddenly died. The government expert instructed the farmer to give aspirin to all surviving chickens. Two days later, however, the farmer returned. Twenty more chickens had died. What should he do now? The expert said quickly: Give all the rest castor oil. Two days later, the farmer returned a third time and reported 30 more dead chickens. The government expert now strongly recommended penicillin. Two days later a sad farmer showed up. All the rest of his chickens had now died. They were all gone. "What a shame, I have lots more remedies" said the expert. The world offers man so-called remedies to the problem of stress, but the truth is most of them don't work. The world offers many so-called experts on stress management, but the truth is there is only one Great Physician who can give us the comfort and strength we need. The world offers many so-called solutions for the tensions and burdens that push us down and pull us apart.....but the truth is there is only one Prince of Peace, who can soothe our jangled nerves and save our troubled souls. There is only One who can truthfully say and mean it: "Come to Me all of you who are exhausted and weary and worn and troubled and stressed out and I will give you rest. I will give you comfort, I will give you the strength you need for the living of these days."
May God bless each one of you today and always.
Pastor Bill Pipp
July 1, 2020