Snyder's United Methodist Church

December1, 2021
Weekly Update
Dear Snyder's Church Family and Friends,
We are in the season of Advent and my preaching series continues this coming Second Sunday In Advent under our General Theme:
"Come Home For Christmas 2021" and this week we will see that as we come home for Christmas we can find PEACE.
The Scripture is St. Luke 2: 8 - 20. John McClellan, one of our lay speakers will share a brief thought on the word HOPE. This is an open invitation to all to be with us - those who have been regular since we became fully open and to those who have been absent from us during the Pandemic. This is the best time of the year to COME HOME!
We welcome you all.
I recently read a story told by Max Lucado where he tells of a man who had been a closet slob most of his life. He just couldn't comprehend the logic of neatness. Why make up a bed if you're going to sleep in it again tonight? Why put the lid on the toothpaste tube if you're going to take it off again in the morning? He admitted to being compulsive about being messy.
Then he got married. His wife was patient. She said she didn't mind his habits.....if he didn't mind sleeping on the couch. Since he did mind, he began to change. He said he enrolled in a 12-step program for slobs. A physical therapist helped him rediscover the muscles used for hanging up shirts and placing toilet paper on the holder. His nose was reintroduced to the smell of Pine Sol. By the time his in-laws arrived for a visit, he was a new man.
But then came that moment of truth. His wife went out of town to visit her parents for a week. At first he reverted to the old man. He figured he could be a slob for six days and clean up on the seventh. But something strange happened. He could no longer relax with dirty dishes in the sink or towels flung around the bathroom or clothes on the floor or sheets piled up like a mountain on the bed.
What happened? Simple: He had been exposed to a higher standard of living!
Lucado reminds his readers that is what confession and repentance for us. That's what Jesus does for us as well. That is the result of the PEACE we find in the Lord.
See you in Church this Sunday!
May you truly be blessed today and may you also be a blessing to others today. 
Pastor Bill Pipp