Snyder's United Methodist Church

September 15, 2021
Weekly Update
Dear Snyder's Church Family And Friends,
There was a tribe of Indians who lived a long time ago in the state of Mississippi. They lived next to a very swift and dangerous river. The current was so strong that if somebody happened to fall in or stumbled into it they could be swept away downstream. One day the tribe was attacked by a hostile group of settlers. They found themselves with their backs against the river. They were greatly outnumbered and their only chance for escape was to cross the rushing river. They huddled together and those who were strong picked up the weak and put them on their shoulders: the little children, the sick, the old and the infirm, those who were ill or wounded were carried on the backs of those who were strongest. They waded out into the river, and to their surprise they discovered that the weight on their shoulders carrying the least and the lowest helped them to keep their footing and to make it safely across the river. Jesus is trying to teach the disciples an object lesson about greatness, about servanthood, about leadership. He is saying to them and to us, "Have you lost the childlike joy and love and faith that once were yours?" He is also saying to them and to us, "If you want to walk on secure ground in this world it helps to carry someone with you."
This coming Sunday we shall read St. Mark 9: 30 - 37 and the theme of our service is "Do You Want To Be First?"
You have three ways to Worship with us and we look forward to greeting you: In Person in our Sanctuary; by Live-feed on our website; and by Video presentation with the recorded service posted by noon.
We pray that God's peace and blessing will be yours. Be blessed today and may you also be a blessing to others in the name of Christ. 
Pastor Bill Pipp