Women's Ministry Events

(Social Distancing at these events of course.)
  • Saturday Oct. 3, 2020 from 11 am – 1 pm Prayer Journaling & Adventure in Prayer @ Guardian Angel Bookstore RSVP to Paula Beaston by Sunday Sept. 27th


  • Teach me to walk in a manner worthy of You and to please bearing fruit and growing in the knowledge of You. (1:10)
  • Strengthen me with Your power and might that I may have endurance and patience. (1:11)
  • Help me to remember I have been rescued from darkness and it’s destruction and brought into Your kingdom. (1:13)
  • Everything was created by You and for You. You hold all things together. Help me give you first place in everything. (1:16-18)
  • Lord, make my faith strong, stable, and fixed on the truth of the Gospel. (1:23)
  • Help me boldly proclaim Jesus, teaching with all wisdom with the strength You supply. (1:28)
  • All the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in You. Therefore, as I received you by faith, help me walk in You firmly established in You, with a heart of gratitude. (2:3-7)
  • This life is all about Jesus. Teach me to keep seeking Him and the things above. (3:1)
  • Help me to focus my thoughts on You and not on my circumstances. Give me a bigger eternal perspective. (3:2)
  • Help me put to death what belongs to worldly nature and give me a growing character of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. (3:5, 12)
  • Help me be quick to forgive and patient with others, remember how You have forgive me. (3:13) Please help me choose to have a heart of love, which is the perfect bond of unity. (3:14)
  • Let your peace rule in my heart and help me be thankful. (3:15)
  • Let your Word dwell richly within me. (3:16)
  • Whatever I do, please help me do it all in Your name with Thanksgiving. (3:17)
  • Enable me do all things enthusiastically for your glory. (3:23)
  • Help me to devote myself to prayer, keeping alert in it, with an attitude of thanksgiving. (4:2)
  • Teach me to be wise and to make the most of every opportunity to share the gospel. (4:5)
  • Let the words I speak be filled with grace that I would build up the people in my life. (4:6)
  • Lord, help me to be faithful to whatever You have called me to, and help me fulfill it in faithfulness. (4:17)