Dear Snyder's Church Family and friends,
As always it is good to greet you. We continue to be confined as a result of COVID-19 and our services at Snyder's remain closed through at least June 14th - our re-opening committee will meet and finish the guidelines and announce when we can resume after we have become "green" in Perry County. We will use every means we can to inform the entire church family.
This coming Sunday is Trinity Sunday and we will be looking at the Great Commission of Jesus found in Matthew 28: 16 - 20.
We will learn that God the Father is for us; God the Son who is with us; and God the Holy Spirit who is within us. The text from verse 17 will tell us that the Disciples worshiped Jesus, but there were some who doubted. And so do we. We will learn that if our Christianity is worth having, then it is worth sharing!
Jeff will continue his "hats" and story as it relates to the Lord's Prayer. Diana, Joyce, Ryan, Lisa, George, Jeff, Dan, Gary will provide music designed for children....but the Adults are encouraged to "sing along" and listen as well.
We are blessed that George and Lisa make all of this video presentation possible. I am most humbled by the responses we have had..thank-you.
Carl Michalson, a brilliant young theologian who died in a plane crash some years ago, tells about playing with his young son one afternoon. They tussled playfully on their front lawn when Michalson accidently hit the young boy in the face with his elbow. It was a sharp blow to his son's face. The little boy was stunned by the impact of the elbow. It hurt, and as he was about to burst into tears he looked into his father's eyes. Instead of anger and hostility, he saw there his father's sympathy and concern; he saw there his father's love and compassion. Instead of exploding into tears, the little boy suddenly burst into laughter. What he saw in his father's eyes made all the difference! The sharp blow of God's message to us is: Repentance. But look into God's eyes today. What He offers you is forgiveness and that makes all the difference. Repent and you will be forgiven!
Each week as I come over to the church for a few minutes, I am blessed to see that some things are still normal.
The building is clean and there is sanitizer available for people who come in, so we say thank-you to Paula; the yard grass is beautifully mowed and so we say thank-you to Andy and his crew. My office area is quiet and allows me to work for a few minutes for which I am grateful. 
I can go into the Sanctuary and pause to pray and give thanks to God for each of you for which I am grateful.
Darryl reports that our church family continues to be faithful in sending by mail their tithes and offerings and for that we are most grateful.
We are indeed a blessed people.
Linda and I miss being with you, but we will soon!
Your phone calls to us, your emails and other expressions are most appreciated. Keep in contact please with those who live alone or couples and I know you will continue to offer assistance where it is needed. If there is a need, please let either Jeff or me know and we'll attempt to do what we can to help.
God is good - all the time!
May the Lord be blessed and praised today.
Go and tell the GOOD NEWS of Jesus!
Pastor Bill
June 4, 2020